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My Name is Jörg (or Joerg) Steinkamp, a ‘J’ followed by 4 letters and a ‘S’ followed by 8 letters, therefore my domain is called J4S8. Currently I work as a Linux administrator at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz responsible for scientific data management. Before I was employed at Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Reserch Centre in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, working as a scientist on vegetation modeling with the Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) LPJ-GUESS. [Read More]


through any available channel

Nevertheless, I don’t activate comments on the blog posts, since this would require me to write a data policy, terms of use and impressum. If you have comments on published code use the github/gitlab link bellow. Otherwise comment via email privately or twitter publicly.

I use the server-logs for statistics and anonymize the client IP by removing the last byte.


Jobs 2018 – present: Linux administrator Employer: Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany 2011 – 2018: Scientist (PostDoc) Employer: Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Reserch Centre, Frankfurt/Main, Germany Supervisor: Prof. T. Hickler Education 2011: Dr. rer. nat. in Geography Title: Global simulated soil biogenic nitric oxide (NO) emissions: Impact, improvement and innovation Grade: magna cum laude URN: urn:nbn:de:hebis:77-28549 2007 – 2011: PhD student Employer: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany International Max Planck Research School for Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (IMPRS-ACP) stipend Supervisors: Prof. [Read More]


Das Wetter im Garten

Die Wetterstation zeichnet jede Minute einen Messwert auf. Obiges Bild zeigt immer den jeweils letzten Messwert an, wobei alle 10 Minuten aktualisiert wird. Niederschlag ist die Summe über den jeweiligen Zeitraum und in der Windrose wird die durchschnittliche Wind- und maximale Böengeschwindigkeit der letzten 30 Minuten angezeigt, sowie die Windrichtung als Punkte. Die Transparenz der Punkte ist mit der maximalen Windgeschwindigkeit skaliert. Da um den Garten Bäume und Häuser stehen, sind die Winddaten mit Sicherheit nicht exakt. [Read More]

Parameter calculation for sensor and lenses

focal length
sensor width (mm)
sensor height (mm)
sensor width (px)
sensor height (px)
Reswidth ("/px)
Resheight ("/px)


Google scholar ORCID Peer-reviewed articles Rollinson, C.R., Dawson, A., Raiho, A.M., Williams, J.W., Dietze, M.C., Hickler, T., Jackson, S.T., McLachlan, J., Moore, D.J.P., Poulter, B., Quaife, T., Steinkamp, J., Trachsel, M. (2021): Forest responses to last-millennium hydroclimate variability are governed by spatial variations in ecosystem sensitivity. Ecology Letters, 24, 498–508. DOI:10.1111/ele.13667 Lange, S., Volkholz, J., Geiger, T., Zhao, F., Vega, I., Veldkamp, T., Reyer, C.P.O., Warszawski, L. [Read More]