Sky Map

Polar plot of some constellations, galaxies, star cluster, nebulas

The last days were mainly cloudy and/or foggy. So there was no chance to look at the stars in the sky. Nevertheless, there was a bit of time to look up more interesting objects and since I once was a geographer, I like maps and I started inpired by the simple star wheel I have, to create my own map.

So I started to code it up in python and store it on Gitlab. So far I included all objects in the list of my previous post extended by some constellations. I am confident to recognize, which I will extend further.

The map goes to 40°S. And besides the right ascension it includes another radial axis label: the date of maximum culmination at midnight.


Beside the mapping script another two other scripts are included, which I use to create the sun and moon tables in the previous post.

So, hopefully the weather will become better soon.


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